Does craft gin club deliver to france?

Inside your box you will receive a surprise bottle of exclusive handmade gin. Membership costs 40€ for each month you receive a box of gin for the month; all shipping and packaging costs are included in the mainland United Kingdom only. You can even pause your membership and restart it at your convenience. We work with excellent gin distillers who are passionate about their products.

When it comes to the best gin, quality and passion are the key.

Craft Gin

Club is a subscription service for lovers of trying different types of gin. Every month (or every two months), you'll receive a full bottle of gin for small batches, as well as a wide selection of snacks and mixers that go well with that gin. We'll also keep you up to date with delicious gin cocktails, as well as the latest gift ideas and fun facts about gin.

Also included is a small bottle of Campari to be used alone in a cocktail or mixed with gin for something different. One of my favorite things about the Craft gin club and the reason I keep subscribing to them is that they send you a “full size bottle of gin”. This month's guest is Bordiga's Occitan, a gin we don't know about from a 130-year-old family distillery in the Italian Alps of Piedmont. Each month, members will receive a carefully selected full-size bottle of one of the world's best small-batch gins, along with a variety of gourmet snacks, high-end toners or mixers, cocktail ingredients and a fashion magazine for members, all carefully packaged and delivered directly on your doorstep.

Craft Gin Club members can also choose a quarterly subscription at the same price of 40€ per delivery. Last but not least, you get a copy of the GINNED magazine, it's of great quality and, in fact, it's a very good read. The second box I received was in July, so I expected a gin that would be ideal for summer. In addition to gin, you'll usually receive a small bottle (5-10 cl) of tonic or liquor that complements gin and allows you to prepare a delicious cocktail.

It looked like a Christmas treat, and the gin with the mixers made the cocktail delicious on a hot day. According to the Craft Gin Club website, they spend a lot of time deciding which gin and treats to include each month. Some of the snacks and gin are not to my taste, but it is a good gift for me and I would also give it to someone else.

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