How many members are in the gin club?

It looks like a basket suitable for unpacking each month and is a good option if you like the fun of additional extras to make it a complete experience together with gin. With the mission of improving the drinking experience at home at its core, Craft Gin Club has never been so popular with consumers. In the past, members enjoyed warm cross-bun gin, barrel-aged martinez and gin liqueur with 26% strawberry cream. Craft56's Scottish gin club is premium yet personal and is dedicated to promoting the best of the best of Scotland.

Every month you are given a bottle full of handmade gin, accompanied by a large number of ideal tonics and side dishes, seasonal treats, snacks, syrups, mixers and a gin magazine. Subscriptions range from large bottles of premium gin combined with a variety of tonics and snacks, to more specific, personalized deliveries in small batches that focus on handmade gins and standalone bottles. Each box comes with two miniatures of gin and two complimentary tonics, which is equivalent to four G&T (if you're disciplined with your portions). This offer focuses on small batches of artisanal gins from Scotland, with exclusive members-only promises, limited editions, new releases and long-time Scottish favorites made by exciting independent Scottish producers.

When you subscribe for 5 consecutive months, you can choose whether you want to be sent a pack of four miniatures every month or a large 70 cl bottle of handmade gin. The full-size gin bottle is always impressive and of high quality, and bottles are obtained from all over the world. Previous boxes included Cornish Lantic gin, Australian Forty Spotted Gin, or Provencal rose gin. You'll also have access to the Facebook group where videos are published to accompany each delivery, explaining the gin you just received.

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