How many members does craft gin club have?

Each year, Jon and John try more than 200 gins and select 12 different types to include in a monthly subscription box. Hundreds of club members were attentive to each event, where they were able to learn how to prepare cocktails with the club's master mixologist, watch interviews and ask questions to the best artisanal gin distillers.

The Craft Gin Club subscription service

reached the 100,000 member mark this month, driven by the increase in alcohol consumption at home. When the pandemic broke out, Jon and John faced several problems, as some suppliers were forced to close and could no longer deliver their products, and they also faced delays in importing some of their gins from abroad.

With the mission of improving the drinking experience at home at its core, the Craft gin club has never been so popular with consumers. Since then, Craft Gin Club has hired 15 new team members and has adapted its marketing messages and content to encourage members to stay home for nights at home, treating themselves to a monthly subscription box and several other gin products from its online store. Since then, Craft Gin Club has been highly successful, generating more than 125,000 active members and continuing to develop its brand and reach even greater heights. However, it was also clear that many of these artisanal producers didn't have the marketing budgets needed to reach the consumers they deserved, so some were still largely undiscovered.

We found that consumers were disappointed with the options available in supermarkets, despite the number of gins available, John said. Jon explained how Craft Gin Club's e-commerce expansion has helped to grow the business and brand in the coming months. A gin subscription service that appears in Dragons' Den has announced that its revenues have increased by 76 percent as its membership increases. That's when the two friends decided to start a business together and the idea for Craft Gin was born.

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