How many subscribers does craft gin club have?

We had been following the artisanal gin boom and exchanging notes on all the gins we'd been trying, not just delicious drinks, but also liquors with really interesting stories and talented people behind them, Jon said. You'll also have access to the Facebook group where videos are published to accompany each delivery, explaining the gin you just received. After the country switched to drinking at home during the lockdown, the number of members increased by 66 percent, selling the equivalent of a gin and tonic every 2.5 seconds. Driven by the country's shift to drinking at home during lockdown, the number of members grew by 66% in the last year to more than 100,000 gin lovers in the United Kingdom.

Jon explained how Craft Gin Club's e-commerce expansion has helped to grow the business and brand in the coming months. Jon and John also came up with the idea of offering a home experience to their customers, adding a well-selected range of tonics, mixers, dressings, snacks and a recipe book so that subscribers can prepare their own tasty, quality beverages at home. Only in their well-stocked gin shop can you see that the bottles you'll receive will be unique, high-quality finds. Sipsmith ships two 20 cl bottles every two months to the members of the society, and each bottle is a new handmade creation.

The artisanal gin club also saw a 100 percent increase in monthly subscriptions and a 500 percent growth in its new online store. This offer focuses on small batches of artisanal gins from Scotland, with exclusive members-only promises, limited editions, new releases and long-time Scottish favorites made by exciting independent Scottish producers. A gin subscription service that appears in Dragons' Den has announced that its revenues have increased by 76 percent as its membership increases. Think Gin Club includes a free gift gin in each box.

Think cocktail shakers, bar shops and unique tools, plus you'll get a free glass of gin with your first box. With the shift of consumers to the Internet over the past six months, the artisanal gin club saw an increase in member engagement on social media and on the blog of the Craft Gin Club, the club's online community. Craft Gin Club truly does its best, offering you everything you need to spend a relaxing night alone or enjoying the company of your closest and dearest ones. Since then, Craft Gin Club has hired 15 new team members and has adapted its marketing messages and content to encourage members to stay home for nights at home, treating themselves to a monthly subscription box and several other gin products from its online store.

The artisanal gin club's subscription service reached the 100,000 member mark this month, driven by the increase in alcohol consumption at home.

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