Is didsbury gin made in didsbury?

Didsbury gin is a range of vegan gins, lovingly distilled by hand, 100% natural and infused with fruit. Our original botanical-infused liquid is the base of. Our original botanically infused liquid forms the basis for all our flavourful gin combinations. It's gin, but not as you know it.

Didsbury Gin is a gin distillery in Manchester, United Kingdom. A rapidly expanding Manchester gin brand has set out to challenge companies like Hendricks and Gordons, and its founders aim to make significant foreign investment next year. I remember there was an apple gin from New Zealand that was disgusting and that's how the conversation began. Now that the company's recent agreement with alcohol distribution giant C&C has been confirmed, the founders have set out to challenge companies like Hendricks and Gordon at the top of the British market.

He has some great ideas and saw Didsbury Gin's growth opportunities both domestically and internationally. Didsbury Gin's investors include Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, Aldermore, Tej Lalvani and Jenny Campbell. Liam and Mark, who have always loved gin, forged a friendship over countless nights drinking Gin & Tonics at various establishments in Didsbury. A few years later, Didsbury Gin, based in Manchester, reached 3.5 million pounds sterling in sales and Vogue described it as one of the most interesting new British gins.

Quickly becoming firm friends, the couple bonded over their shared love for gin and began to discuss the possibility of working together. Mark Smallwood, from Billingham, and Liam Manton made their first batch of gin with a copper “still” in Liam's main room. Liam and Mark, long-time gin lovers, forged a friendship over countless nights drinking 26% gin and tonics at several establishments in Didsbury. After the production of a small batch of gin in Liam's main room in Didsbury, a brand was born.

Meanwhile, the company has been strengthening its core team, hiring former Brockmans Gin CFO, Allan Beattie, as its new chief financial officer in April and is ready to announce a series of new board members in the coming weeks. We spent a lot of time talking about gin, but not enough talking about the perfect foods to eat along with those cocktails.

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