Is gin a pure spirit?

Gin is a clear liquor that is made by distilling fermented grains and several other botanical ingredients, one of which by law must be juniper. Gin is essentially pure ethanol, or unflavored vodka, that is flavored by redistilling with a variety of natural ingredients. Distilled gin This is the most common type of modern gin today, and many other gins are made with this type of gin as a base. Distilled gin is made by redistilling 96% pure alcohol with juniper berries and possibly other spice blends.

It can be further flavored after distillation, but the predominant flavor must come from juniper berries to be classified as gin. This type of gin has become increasingly common and popular on the market. Gin should be a neutral liquor distilled from something natural such as wheat, barley, potatoes or grapes. For example, when rye has been aged in a barrel for a certain amount of time, people describe the flavor as a slightly acidic and “spicy” flavor that, in return, can produce a unique gin.

The variety of botanical ingredients used to create unique flavor profiles is what makes gin such a versatile spirit drink. Gin is extremely unique and diverse in the sense that you can flavor your neutral-based liqueur with any botanical ingredient you like, for example, if you like your gin to taste more citrus, you can add more lemon or orange peels to your base liqueur, etc. There are, of course, margaritas and cocktails frozen. In which tequila is mixed with any imaginable fruit.

Plymouth Gin In addition to juniper berries, the drink is flavored with dried orange peel for a fresher flavor. When flavoring cheap gin, different flavors and spices are mixed in a concentrate that is then mixed in the pure spirit. The alcohol content and production process are similar to those of traditional gin, but common and long-established botanical ingredients are taking a backseat to stronger fruit, spice and berry flavors, such as clementine, plum, strawberry and blood orange. While classics like Bombay Sapphire, Gordon's Gin and London Dry Gin are always popular, it's worth trying specialty gins made by smaller producers.

Popular cocktails with gin include Negroni, the classic Martini (originally always made with gin) and Gin Tonic. However, in Russia and Eastern Europe, where liquor originated, people consume more than triple that amount. Ethanol has no flavor, so the characteristic flavors of gin, juniper berries, are added through a redistillation process. More botanical ingredients, especially juniper berries, are then added to give the gin its distinctive flavor.

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