Is gin really just flavored vodka?

Gin isn't just flavored vodka. Vodka is a neutral and tasteless liquor, while gin is infused with juniper and other botanical ingredients. Although they are similar, they have different production methods, have different brands and completely different tastes. It's a common misconception that gin tastes like vodka.

While spirits are similar, the ingredients and distillation processes are different. Gin is a little more complicated in its production, as Brian O'Rourke, a culinary journalist, rightly said: “Gin is the Disneyland of liquor. There is a rich history of the creation, modification and exploitation of gin. Gin is, at the most basic level, a neutral liquor flavored with juniper berries.

It turns out that vodka is a neutral liquor. Like all spirits, both must have an alcohol content by volume (ABV) greater than 37.5% (40% in the US). USA) to be considered vodka or gin. Gin is a neutral liquor like vodka, which has been flavored with a variety of botanical ingredients and then redistilled.

Superficially, you can easily distinguish between gin and vodka, because of the pine flavor that vodka obviously lacks. But gin, as we know it, actually took shape in England in the early 18th century, when the British government officially relaxed the rules on the production and creation of spirits, giving rise to what is historically known as the gin craze. The Wine and Spirits Education Trust offers courses on wine, wine service, liquor and sake, and you can attend even if you're a gin snob enthusiast like me. However, there are some botanical ingredients that most gin distillers use (juniper the most common) and that they have used for decades.

Despite their comparable origin stories, it's important to remember that gin and vodka are two distinct products. As for cocktails, gin is more extroverted, the life of the party, so to speak, it is used as a blender that comes to life in combination with other flavors. Gin is (and should be by definition) a grain-based liqueur (usually wheat or barley) distilled with juniper. The United States government officially classifies gin as spirits with a characteristic main flavor derived from juniper berries produced by distilling or blending liquors with juniper berries and other flavors or extracts derived from these materials.

I have always preferred London Dry gin and now I have gins that use maceration and additives to give flavor with a healthy degree of suspicion. Gin is made in many countries, especially in England, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Scotland and the United States. There are many vodkas with premium or luxury flavors that are much more expensive than an average bottle of gin. The %26 sons of Rankin Brothers have helped vodka and gin producers package their products for generations.

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