What is the difference between craft gin and normal gin?

In a nutshell, a true artisanal gin has a real person or a small team behind it. It is often owned by the master distiller, what determines the recipe is the person's knowledge and passion; often, he selects the ingredients by hand and also makes the stills. Artisanal gin is usually small-batch gin (but not always). Artisanal gin producers often make gin for love, even if they can only produce it in small quantities.

They'll then add different botanical ingredients, including juniper, but the difference here between dried gins and gin is that juniper isn't the predominant flavor. Whether Distilled or London Dry, both gins make an excellent cocktail or a delicious Gin Tonic. We'll provide you with beautiful handmade gins every month, which you'll never find on the main street. In that line of thinking, you could start a bar argument that gin is juniper-flavored vodka, but in another sense, something is being done with that product that is completely new, O'Neill said.

Despite the fact that this gin was created in London, the term is today a denomination of quality, rather than a determinant of origin. At the end of the day, artisanal gin can be a controversial topic, but if you research your distillers and learn their stories, you can tell the difference between a standard swamp gin and an artisanal gin on your own. After a quick discussion of the mortality rate versus the birth rate in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, Professor O'Neill basically said that, back then, gin had a bad reputation because many people made their own. Both gin and vodka are made with neutral grain liqueurs (such as rye, barley, wheat, corn), but gin is soaked with botanical ingredients (an elegant word for dried herbs, roots and citrus peels) and redistilled.

Try it and you'll see that the same cocktail made first with London Dry and then with a distilled gin, offers two distinctive experiences. So you can have a gin and try juniper and tell everyone at the bar that I'M REALLY TAKING NOTES OF JUNIPER. With the growing trend of gin, many distillers and gin clubs now call their gins “artisanal gin”, when in reality they use the term to attract more customers and jump into the popular gin movement.

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