What is the strongest gin in the uk?

Anno Spirits, a distillery in Kent, England, has released the world's strongest gin, with a shocking 95% alcohol content. This surpasses the previous title winner (the Scottish Twin River Distiller) with only 77% alcoholic alcohol. A new gin called the “strongest in the world” has been released. The drink suitable for vegans and vegetarians has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 95%.

Abbreviated as “Very Junipery Over Proof”, this gin definitely lives up to its name. A lot of juniper with a touch of dark chocolate, should be put in this cocktail as soon as possible. Originally from Shetland, Scotland, Blackwoods is the second strongest gin of these gins and they are very proud of the citrus and floral notes of the drink. Also, if you live in the Brighton and Hove area, pay attention to their light blue gin bike, which delivers orders to locals.

They have also dedicated the bottle to the region's seafarers, with its label “Fisherman's Fortress” and with a gin blend as invigorating as the inland seas. Its strength surpasses the previous “strongest gin in the world” by the Swedish company Smögen, which was created with an alcohol content of 82.5%. Tired of being scammed, according to one story, officers would add gunpowder to a measure of gin and see if it ignited; if it did, it was “over-resistant” or 57 percent. If the ABV weren't high enough and the gin were spilled on top of the gunpowder, it would basically render its firepower useless.

The navy blue version of Elephant Gin, a large bottle full of spices and full of flavor, uses twice the amount of the 14 botanical ingredients found in the original concentration. Winning multiple awards, gin is created in the UK's oldest operating distillery and the recipe is passed on by word of mouth. With a long history of selling gin to the Navy (at one point, up to 1000 barrels per year) and supposedly the first to coin the term “marine force”, Plymouth gin is the reference when it comes to stronger spirits. The navy blue version of its bathtub gin is quite different from the original because of its distillation approach, which causes the botanical ingredients to break apart to release as much flavor as possible.

Now you have an extensive guide to sea-force gins, it's time to experiment and reveal the mixologist inside with one of these best shakers. 76 percent of the brand's ABV Uncut held the title of the world's strongest gin for some time before Twin Rivers, in Scotland, produced 77 percent gin. After conquering the world of single malt whiskey since opening just over a decade ago, the Smögen distillery has focused its attention on gin. While gins aren't usually adult favorite beverages for most college students, they form the basis for some of the world's most famous cocktails.

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