What makes gin extra dry?

What is called “dry gin” means that it has no added (artificial) flavors, all flavors are natural from botanical ingredients, according to our gin guide, as well as without added sweeteners. If gin is sweet, it's more than likely that it contains a botanical like licorice. Extra-dry gin is made in a similar way to dry London gin, but with a few key differences. First of all, no sugar is added to extra dry gin, which means it tastes more bitter.

Secondly, the botanical ingredients are distilled together with grain alcohol, while they are not found in dry London gin. This results in a cleaner tasting liquor with more pronounced botanical flavors. Launched in 1939, this American-made gin is sold in its famous, bumpy bottle (and it's actually known as Bumpy in many liquor stores to this day). It is often stated that the coat of arms of the Seagram family on the gin label dates back to 1857 and this date is prominent on the packaging.

Seagram's gin is made with neutral American grain alcohol flavored with botanical ingredients through a low-temperature vacuum distillation process. Others prefer dry London gin, such as Beefeater or Tanqueray, while others prefer the more bitter taste of extra dry gin. There are so many different types of gin available, each with its own unique flavor profile, that it's impossible to say which is the best. Extra Dry gin is perfect for blending into cocktails, but it's also great on its own with a little ice.

Soft and soft since 1939, this extra dry gin adapts to all your daily occasions with touches of orange, cinnamon and lilac peel on the nose. The golden hue that this gin once had is now barely noticeable, probably in response to consumers' dominant perception that gins should be clear. If you're looking for something a little different from typical London dry gin, extra dry gin is worth checking out. When gin was first released, it was called “Seagram's Ancient Bottle Distilled Dry Gin” and the bottle had seashells and starfish in relief.

This is the most common type of gin and is made by distilling grain alcohol with juniper berries and other botanical ingredients. Perversely, Seagram's Gin is now owned by Pernod Ricard, while Diageo is the owner of Seagram's Seven Crown whiskey. Strangely enough, the “Perfect Gin” logo that adorns the shoulder of the bottle bears a frightening resemblance to the Salvation Army logo. This additional step can be used to generate flavors not found in a London-style gin that omits this process by adding sweetener instead.

Inspired by the success of its award-winning Extra Dry, Seagram's Gin became the first gin brand to innovate with flavored liquors combined with it. Seagram Extra Dry is vacuum distilled for the first time to create a neutral and immaculate liquor from select grains and, for the second time, to combine the liquor with the perfectly balanced flavor of botanical products.

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