What's in a craft gin club box?

What's in the box is a surprise until it arrives, but it always includes a large bottle of gin, combination mixers, delicious 26% sweet and savory snacks. This offer focuses on small batches of artisanal gins from Scotland, with exclusive members-only promises, limited editions, new releases and long-time Scottish favorites made by exciting independent Scottish producers. This month's box includes a large bottle of Boatyard Gin, an Ireland-based distillery that produces beautiful gin with a variety of botanical ingredients unique to its part of Ireland. If you're looking for a gin subscription box that offers the best deals on gins, tonics and exclusive cocktails, then Craft Gin Club is just what you need.

If you're going to make a stellar G&T, or any other gin cocktail, you'll need the tools of the trade. A gin subscription will regularly deliver the gin directly to your door to prevent your bar cart from drying out. Sipsmith ships two 20 cl bottles every two months to the members of the society, and each bottle is a new handmade creation. Craftsmanship in distillation means a lot of different things to different people, but for us, at the Think Gin Club, it means liquors created with passion and care in small batches, mainly by independent distilleries and gin distilleries.

Last but not least, the May's Craft gin club box included chocolate treats from Bailey's and pretzel bites from Indie Bay, to accompany your gin and tonics. In your monthly box you'll find a large bottle of handmade gin, the perfect combination of tonics, sweet and savory snacks, all the ingredients and side dishes to prepare the cocktail of the month and a 56-page magazine. You'll also have access to the Facebook group where videos are published to accompany each delivery, explaining the gin you just received. Gins are combined with Scottish toners or mixers and the first box also contains a selection of freeze-dried garnishes to complete the perfect G&T.

Think Gin Club includes a free gift gin in each box. Think cocktail shakers, bar shops and unique tools, plus you'll get a free glass of gin with your first box. In the past, members enjoyed warm cross-bun gin, barrel-aged martinez and gin liqueur with 26% strawberry cream. Craft56's Scottish Gin Club is premium yet personal and is dedicated to promoting the best of the best of Scotland.

Terrance Wilson
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