Who invested in craft gin club?

Craft Clubs, the company behind the subscription beverage service, Craft Gin Club and Bubble Club, has secured an investment of £75,000 from food and beverage entrepreneur and co-founder of the London Cocktail Club Sarah Willingham. Since then, Craft Gin Club has hired 15 new team members and has adapted its marketing messages and content to encourage members to stay home during the nights at home, treating themselves to a monthly subscription box and several other gin products from its online store. Provider of subscription services aimed at transforming the way people discover and enjoy new gins by offering the most rewarding drinking experience. Sarah's participation helped Jon and John accelerate the Club's growth to the incredible gin-loving community that it is today, and continues to play an important role in the development of the Club, as it looks to an exciting future.

We found that consumers were disappointed with the options available in supermarkets, despite the number of gins available, John said. After a tough negotiation, the couple accepted Willingham's £75,000 offer in exchange for 12.5% of capital; the investor's successful track record in the beverage industry, together with her surprising admission that she was already a customer of the artisanal gin club, made her their favorite Dragon. Louise and Kate won investments from both interior designer Kelly Hoppen and successful businessman Piers Linney, totaling £600,000 for 10% of the company. Together, Craft Gin Club and Bubble Club have a total of 25,000 active customers, more than 150,000 email subscribers and 400,000 followers on social media.

We had been following the artisanal gin boom and exchanging notes on all the gins we'd been trying, not just delicious drinks, but also liquors with really interesting stories and talented people behind them, Jon said. However, it was also clear that many of these artisanal producers didn't have the marketing budgets needed to reach the consumers they deserved, so some were still largely undiscovered. Years later, the two friends rekindled their friendship over a drink in an elegant London bar, recalling their favorite gin and tonics as they chatted the night away. Since then, Craft Gin Club has been highly successful, generating more than 125,000 active members and continuing to develop its brand and reach even greater heights.

Terrance Wilson
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