Who owns the gin club?

Jon Hulme and John Burke are the co-founders of the Craft gin Club. They decided to create the subscription business after the couple noticed that an increasing number of artisanal gins were appearing on the market. It had reached the point where customers were overwhelmed by what they could choose. It got a little hot in The Den during the performance, but it turns out the Dragons really like gin.

After investment offers from four out of five dragons, Jon and John left with an investment of £75,000 from the co-founder of the London Cocktail Club, Sarah Willingham. Together, the Geneva Club Craft and Bubble Club have a combination of 25,000 active customers, more than 150,000 email subscribers and 400,000 followers on the networks. Check out today's front and back covers, download the newspaper, order back issues and use the historic newspaper archive of the Daily Express. British gin lovers can be happy to know that they can get gin straight to their door at an affordable price.

We set out to eliminate clutter and act as a selection platform for consumers looking to discover the best artisanal gins on the market. Since its appearance in Dragon's Den, the artisanal gin club has exploded in popularity and made a lot of money in the process. The two decided to select the best artisanal gins on the market and began sending them to subscribers every month. Sarah's participation helped Jon and John accelerate the Club's growth to the incredible gin-loving community that it is today, and continues to play an important role in the development of the Club, as it looks to an exciting future.

Terrance Wilson
Terrance Wilson

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